Creating jewellery means
realizing ideas.

Creating jewellery means
leading fantasy.

Creating jewellery means
giving pleasure.






ACTIVE ART 1998 the International Goldsmith Artist HANS-LEO PETERS has invented and named the ACTIVE ART as a further design in Goldsmith Art. It is the diagram of activity in shape and surface. For that are counted all traces of life and abstract activities.


BRAILLE ART In 1993 Goldsmith Artist HANS-LEO PETERS has invented Braille Art in Goldsmith Art. His Language of Light is the arrangement of luminous points in Braille Art. Diamonds are readable luminous points and show an independent jewellery design in Goldsmith Art. A Braille Art Symbol is what HANS-LEO PETERS calls the joining of Braille Art points to a graphic sign or monogram.


OP ART In 1972 Goldsmith Artist HANS-LEO PETERS, discovered the optical- and optical kinetic jewellery, the Op Art in Goldsmith Art. In 1997 he added reflection as the next Design of Op Art in Goldsmith Art. In 1997 he invented the Op Stones in Op Art of Goldsmith Art. These gemstones have all characteristics to finish optical - and optical-kinetic jewellery. In 2001 he invented the Braille Stone as the Op Stone in Goldsmith Art. Hans-Leo Peters was honoured multiple international awards for his optical jewellery.

GOLDEN GREEN New Zealand people are calling their jade Greenstone. Since 1999 Goldsmith artist HANS-LEO PETERS, who is living and working in New Zealand now, has started to combine this by Maori artistically crafted gemstone with gold.


TURN ART AND KINETIC TURN ART is a turn able object, showing variation, motion or kinetic. So Goldsmith Artist HANS-LEO PETERS was honoured as early as 1967 with the Diamonds International Award for variation in jewellery worldwide. In 1985 HANS-LEO PETERS has invented the Magic Square in the Goldsmith Art. In 1990 he was honoured by the Diamonds International Award for it. Turning is as motion one of the kinetic elements by Hans-Leo Peters. In 1971 he invented the Rolling Stones. For his kinetic earrings HANS-LEO PETERS was honoured as a student in 1965 with the highest praise in the Diamonds International Award.


OCEAN ART Since 1988 sailing is one of the themes of Goldsmith Artist HANS-LEO PETERS. The dream of liberty is for instance reflecting in these works. In 1998 he arrived in New Zealand and therefore OCEAN ART is influenced by his actual environment.

DRAWN WIRE WORK In 1966 Goldsmith Artist Hans-Leo Peters invented Drawn Wire Work his first technique. For this filigree technique he was honoured with multiple international awards including the 1967 Diamonds International Award.


GOLDEN POETRY Goldsmith Artist HANS-LEO PETERS is designing love into poetry. Presenting is an art of love in life, and this is expressed especially in these jewelleries.


TAURUS For more than 40 years the Taurus is one of the design themes by international Goldsmith Artist HANS-LEO PETERS. In 2008 he is abstracting the Taurus as an intellectual statement in precious stone and gold.


CONSTELLATIONS In his jewellery of stars the International Goldsmith Artist HANS-LEO PETERS is interpreting the human longing since 1998. Ten Years onward he is showing new variations of the flight to the stars.