Ute Achenbach-Peters 1942-2008, International Enamel Artist during the color selection for the artwork design


The international Enamel Artist Ute Achenbach-Peters has transferred the handicraft of enameling into free painting.
Thousands of transparent, molten crystals were composed to dreaming landscapes, originating from her unique power of intuition. In the focus of her art was the tree as a mirror of our life.

Her artworks have been recognized internationally by:
Biennale Internationale Limoges / France 1984
Les Biennales De Laval / Canada 1986
Creative-Kreis-International, Hambacher Schloss Germany 1988


The Memorial in Coromandel, New Zealand, Old Cemetery

Cork Oaks, artwork-design by Ute Achenbach-Peters 1986 Attention, the artwork-design for your purchased Enamel Painting is available now as a document by request to Golden Art

Her Artwork Process

"I have to know my more than 200 Enamel Colous exactly and know how they behave in the firing process," said the Enamel Artist Ute Achenbach-Peters once in the German TV Live Show Mittwoch In to the well-known Moderator Manfred Erdenberger. She had been invited to the well-known show to practically show parts of her unique art.

So you could experience the sifting of the selected enamel colors from her artwork-design in stages onto the copper plate and witness the individual firing processes until she was satisfied. She explained, the colors are retained as color in the burned-on layers to create the final appearance in a long, manual grinding process under running water. At last she rubbed in beeswax for a flawless satin finish looking similar like an oil painting.

 Cork Oaks Portugal, Enamel Painting 210x210mm by Ute Achenbach-Peters 1986